WARNING: Do Not Buy Another secret system For Iron Palm training Until You Read This Message!!!

This isn't another boring course or system you have to dig into, study and struggle with before experiencing the benefit. It's clearly unlike anything you've ever seen before. Iron Power Palm takes the secrets, techniques and formulas folks eagerly fork out $500 for and more and plugs them right into your hands, right when you need them.

You no longer have to risk dangerous techniques to perform powerful, highly effective breaks and offensive strikes. Iron Power Palm will show you how to transform your martial arts conditioning the way an experienced sifu would and you can become a master in the process. You can become a master WHILE using the skills and training at home rather than doing it the difficult, expensive way.

  • Iron Power Palm pushes you WAY beyond the learning curve.

  • You'll be breaking boards & bricks in a stunningly short time, and transform your weak soft hands into power-packed weapons...

  • You'll instantly know the right techniques and powerful stances that get your body primed to deliver deadly, devastating blows, capable of serious destruction...

Developing a devastating Iron Palm that can withstand breaking multiple bricks, bones and delivering lethal strikes is a painstaking & difficult process.

Anyone can simply smash their hands on a makiwara or punch a bag but there are Sooooo many ways to make your training better.

There are also an infinite number of ways to screw it up and end up with your dreams of Iron Palm mastery destroyed by crippling arthritis and painful broken bones.

In either case...

...Whether you're simply not fully exploiting the tricks and strategies used by master Iron Palm expert's to achieve maximum results OR you're making any of the numerous blunders that cause crippling arthritis the result is the same.

"Get Iron Power Palm NOW !!!"

The Skills Your Kung Fu Needs So Desperately Are

Slipping Right Through Your Fingers

For many Martial Artists their conditioning method sucks so badly their breaks fail.

Not intending to get screwed the same way I practiced and learned just about everything.

I've tried:

  • Hours of Heavy Bag Work
  • All Manner Of Liniments
  • Personal One on One Coaching
  • Finger Tip Press Ups
  • Knuckle Strikes on Hard Objects

You name it. I tried it.

These can all give tremendous results. The problem is none of them are a truly safe and effective solution.

Heavy Bag Work:

Hours of Heavy Bag Work is a staple of western boxing and Muay Thai training, It builds great cardio vascular power, upper body strength (yadda yadda) but it wont help you to break a slab of cement.

The end result is a guy who can hit real hard but who's hands can't take the impact. I'm sure you've heard of the boxer's break (yes I've done it).

Well... at the end of the day its just not going to condition your hands in the specific way thats required. If this is the full extent of your training you will never be an Iron Palm.

Liniments and Potions:

These are absolutely indispensable. It goes without saying... How can you ever excel at training without liniment? Dont be fooled! Only certain kinds are really useful. The western stuff you can forget about, even Tiger Balm is out the window for Iron Palm. You want genuine Dit Da Jow.

But how do you know it has the ingredients they tell you ? Do you even know what kind of ingredients go into the liniment anyway ?

Knuckle Strikes And Finger Tip Pressups:

Ask any successful Karate or Tae Kwon Do Master and they'll tell you these are the basic exercises you must perform as a prereqisite to breaking.

These are the fundamental secret ritual that you must perform hundreds of times daily to develop calluses and swollen knuckles. Your tendons and ligaments will calcify and become hard like bone and your skin tough like leather.

You will develop the ability to break this way but you will also probably end up with crippling arthritis in your hands and fingers.

Personal One on One Coaching:

I've trained with some great Martial Artists, especially Muay Thai. Where I live there have been a fair few K1 champions trained and all of them were accessable in the gym. I've also served in the military along side special forces veterans and trained with some of them at the gym.

  • They know how to apply their skills in real fights.

  • They have the experience to know how to apply their knowlege in a structured training program.

  • They have extensive knowlege of sports medicine as applied to fighting.

The obvious bummer is the humungous expense, which could easily set you back $3,000 for a master Iron Palm who has the experience to deliver all the above. Thats if you can actually find one in your city.

There was one other big problem for me. None of the guys I trained with was a genuine Iron Palm. The one who called himself an Iron Palm was ex foreign legion with a black belt in some style. He could break and was a tough dude but he was not a genuine Iron Palm.

The answer is clear...

The best real way to put all of these partial solutions together so you can extract maximum value from your training is to travel to a place where you can train in person with a master Iron Palm yourself. Otherwise you're never going to really find all of the methods and secrets in one place.

But that's not practical either is it?

What if you could...?

  • What if there were an affordable way to have a master Iron Palm look over your shoulder to assist getting you through the same rigorous techniques it took them a lifetime to master - without you having to learn the process from trial and error?

  • What if that master Iron Palm was at your finger tips 24/7?

  • What if they shared with you all of their methods and offered more powerful ways to train using the secret techniques of Iron Power Palm as practised by a genuine Chinese Master?

Sound Far-fetched?

2 things became clear to me while scrutinizing all the types of Iron palm training solutions out there. While learning to break is an art - partly mystical and esoteric...

  • ...it's largely formulaic and and follows a definite set routines, formulas and techniques refined for over 1000 years by expert Chinese martial artists.

This is magnificent news as it means these very same methods and techniques can be harnessed and systemized in the form of a book.

You could have a truly indepth solution that can be at hand day or night and help you perform Iron palm training following a set of proven, time-tested exercises.

When I realized this I immediately began researching Chinese material, which would turn soft, weak hands into powerful lethal weapons.

But I desired for this to be a genuinely amazing course full of secrets to help with ALL elements of Iron Palm training and I needed to find a true kungfu Iron Palm master to make it as truely awesome for you as it can be.

So I studied all the prominent Kung Fu experts I could think of to try and find a potential partner who could deliver maximum value. What I came across is an absolute gem.

While a highly acclaimed Chinese Iron Palm master, he's also the author of two dozen Kung Fu books. His training methods and secrets have probably produced thousands of martial artists.

"One of the most prolific Chinese Kung fu Masters of the early 20th century".

Author of over two dozen authentic Chinese Martial Arts Manuals...


Some of Yuan Chu Cai's books include...

  • Qing Ping Sword
  • Eight-Diagram Palm (Illustrated)
  • Iron Palm (Illustrated)
  • Judo
  • Extracts of Fists
  • Shaolin Fists
  • Karate (Demonstrated by Master Yuan Chucai) Written by Yuan Chu Cai
  • Double Swords of E Mei written by Yuan Chu Cai
  • North Buddha Fist
  • Yue Fei Fist
  • Shao Lin Jianggang Fist
  • Mei Flower Sword
  • Chun Yang Sword
  • Liu He Rob
  • Chuanyun Umbrella of E Mei
  • Iron Palm (Secret Classic)
  • Mei Hua Zuang

Master Yuan Chu Cai wrote for many popular Chinese martial arts magazines and his Iron Palm book is a compilation of those writings...

The great distinction between this book and many modern books and videos on Iron Palm is that it reaches across time back to a lost age. While I do not know the exact lineage of Yuan Chu Cai's training I can imagine that his master must have been born in the mid 1800's or earlier.

Complete recipes for Master Yuan Chu Cai's Dit Da Jow and internal medicine are included with exact quantities, this alone is information worth its weight in gold to the Iron Palm enthusiast.

The Master also shares logical insights into his oriental philosophy of Chinese martial arts and of course there are many quality conditioning exercises to perform...

img Over 50 different Iron Palm and Iron arm exercises for you to practice

img A complete Iron Palm training regimine you can follow for many years

img Learn elbow conditioning, shoulder strikes and Iron Head techniques

img Six different elbow conditioning methods

img Learn to use specialized Iron Arm rolling weights for forearm conditioning

img Plus Hip and Knee strike conditioning to compliment your Iron Palm

img Discover two secret recipies for Dit Da Jow and internal medicine

img Fully illustrated with clear artistic graphics showing all correct movements

img Techniques to use the steel shot hanging bag for hand strikes and co-ordination

img Methods of conditioning on the flat bag and shot bucket

img Finger Thrusting, Jabbing and Grabbing routines

img QiGong gymnastic exercises for co-ordination and balance

img Development and control of Chi bioenergy

img The most complete and comprehensive Iron Palm conditioning exercise program available

"Get Iron Power Palm NOW !!!"


This Book Is Only For Those That
Want Kick-Ass Iron Palm Skill's!


While Yuan Chu Cai's manual is head and shoulder's above other Chinese Iron Palm material such as the famous "Iron Palm in 100 Days" it occured to me that I needed some how to make it better and really over deliver.

I wanted to add more value to an already great book. So this is the package I have put together...

img img

As I said earlier you need an Iron Palm Master to look over your shoulder and guide you in your journey to become an Iron Palm. Most importantly you need somebody to answer your questions. My book "Iron Palm Secrets" will do exactly this for you.

Iron Palm Secrets:

  • What is it?
    • Learn about Qigong's health benefits
    • How to apply Iron Palm in fighting
    • The dangers of having hands that can kill
    • Various types of breaks and how to do them
    • Who is the best in the world ?
  • Training
    • How often to train
    • How long it takes to become an expert
    • The safest way to train
    • What kind of training is incorrect
    • How to train your fists correctly
  • Chi
    • Should you develop internal methods first?
    • What qigong is recommended
    • How does chi pass through the bricks?
  • Equipment
    • How to make your own equipment
    • Where to get mung beans and other stuff
    • How to make a cheap wing chun dummy
    • How to make an arm roller
    • Where to buy gear
  • Dit Da Jow
    • Many detailed and complete recipies
    • Dit da jow and internal medicine
    • Where to buy it
    • How to make it

There are dozens more questions answered in sufficient detail for you to train without doubt or confusion. Train your Iron Palm with the confidence that you know what you are doing just as if a sifu or master was there guiding you personally.

Your Ultimate Guide to Strength and Conditioning for Incredible Striking Power!

Still that wasnt enough to satisfy me that you would be happy. Whats more I am an avid weight lifter with 26 years experience so I decided to add another BONUS.

Hand and forearm strength for martial arts is my personal guide on grip training for kung fu.

  • Learn many important Training Principles for grip strength
  • Discover how to apply Intensity Training and volume training
  • Use Progressive Resistance to take your power to new levels
  • Negative Reps, Forced Reps and Periodization to peak your progress
  • Learn the 5 different Types Of Hand Strength
  • See the Anatomy of the Hand in clear illustrations
  • Many different items of grip training Equipment are explained...
    • Hand Grippers
    • Thumb Clamps (Spring Clamp)
    • Eagle Catcher
    • Gripinator
    • Ivanko Gripper
    • Wrist Roller
    • Sledge Hammer
    • Manila Rope
    • Telegraph Tapper
    • Elastic Bands
    • Thomas Inch Dumbell (Thick Bar Training)
    • Pinch Grips (Block / Blob)
    • Gyroscope Balls
    • Chinese Balls (Baodang Balls)
  • Learn the Common Barbell & Dumbell Exercises for grip
    • Pinch Grip
    • Hammer Curl
    • Wrist Curl
    • Preacher Wrist Curl
    • Reverse Barbell preacher Curl
    • Reverse Wrist Curl
    • Zottman Curl
    • Reverse Barbell Curl
    • Wrist Roller
    • Reverse Dumbbell Curls
    • Reverse Cable Curl
    • Dead lift
  • Additional Training methods and techniques are introduced
  • Tui Na Hand and Arm Massage is explained in pictures
  • Learn Arm & Hand Massage methods for recuperation

Much more... We've got a lot more in development. Iron Power Palm will continue to develop becoming the best, most effective suite of methods to develop devastating, skull crushing Iron Palm Power.

"Get Iron Power Palm NOW !!!"

This Training Is So Potent It Should Be Illegal!

This Amazing Book Will Help You:

img Achieve High Level External Breaks ... with every training session you will improve!

img Gain Full Control of Your Internal Energy ... using "secret meditation methods"

img Save Huge Amounts of Time and Money ... while developing the Iron Palm skills youve wanted for so long.

img Substantially Build Your Strength ... by practicing powerful, muscle boosting principles during your grip sessions.

img Rid Yourself of Unbearable "Arthritis" and "Injury" ... caused by foolish training that is DANGEROUS.

img Eliminate Ineffective "Non-Constructive" exercises ... that might cause you serious harm.

img Stamp Out The Number One Enemy and nightmare of Iron Palm training - "Joint Damage!"

Are You Currently Doing Martial Arts? If your learning to break, how much TIME does it take you to train? I can assure you from experience that you never get it down in the first few weeks. It takes even the best students, weeks, or sometimes MONTHS to develop the ultimate Iron Palm breaking power.

Are you Hiring Expensive Personal Trainers? Doesn't it make more sense to save thousands of dollars doing it yourself? Aren't you tired of paying huge sums of your hard-earned cash in membership fee's and on top of that, not actually getting the training you really want anyway?

"A Must Have Tool For Your Martial Arts Arsenal"

If you are kung fu enthusiast Iron Power Palm will allow you to perform smokin' breaks without any pain or injury. Your buddies will love you and you'll have people falling over themselves to find out how you do it ... instead of wondering how yourself!

If you are an Trainer, master or student of a non Chinese art you will no longer be at the mercy of injury and arthritis. You will be able to break time after time, without damaging your hands, fingers and joints. You'll be using the CHI and energies in your body in a more natural way .....

It's Almost Like Having a sifu right there advising you... Personally!

Just think about that for a moment ...

If somebody was lucky enough to hire an Iron Palm master to personally train them they would pay hundreds of dollars in up front fees plus an ongoing retainer. It's expensive. Why? Because its taken them years to get there!

With Iron Power Palm it'll be like having your own sifu work on YOUR personal program whenever you need him!

Think of all the benefits.

With "Iron Power Palm" you can ...

img Perform Powerful brick breaks ... that will cause your friends to beg for your tuition .. and be forever greatful to you!

img Make all of your own gear ... and save a small fortune!

img Be able to knock opponents out cold ... if you have to

img Develop forearms like copper hammers ... not just defensive but offensive weapons!

img Build incredible forearm power ... bulging with sinew and muscle

img Damage opponents with multiple striking points ... hands, forearms, shoulders, head, hips and more!

img Do serious damage with elbow strikes... multiple training and striking strategies!

This is just a small portion of the things that you find in with Iron Power Palm. If you are doing any kind of kung fu, karate, or tae kwon do "Iron Power Palm" is a No-Brainer!

Don't Let Your Opponents Get This Before You Do!

If you are a Kungfu Fighter ... hey look buddy, if you decide to pass it up and miss out on this awesome book, the next time you get bashed up by another fighter when battling it out, you'll be wondering if he got the job done because he "DID" decide to take advantage of this amazing offer. Don't let this happen to you.

If you are a Non-Chinese Art Fighter ... don't let the competition eat your lunch with superior conditioning. You only have about 7 seconds to take your opponent's guard. After that they are gunna take you out ... which is not what you want!

You'll be confident within minutes of signing up that Iron Power Palm will be YOUR very best must-have resource for getting maximum possible value out of every Iron Palm training session. In fact...

... Here's How to Get On The Fast-Track
to Iron Palm Skill, Grip Strength and Power!

I can't tell you how much time, money and energy has gone into researching this book... and how much more work there is to come.

Sold separately these books would easily cost over $147 and they soon may.

Here's the breakdown:

Yuan Chu Cai's Iron Palm: $67.97 Iron Palm Secrets: $47.97 Hand & Forearm Strength for Martial Artists: $47.97

Total Over: $147!

And that doesn't take into consideration future modules and add-ons, which you'll have access to for free during the life of your Iron Power Palm access if you get Iron power Palm today.

But we realize that $147 is a hefty price tag so we've rewritten Iron Power Palm from the ground up in a way that let's you get access right now at a price any moderately-serious student, athlete or martial artist can afford... you also have a very generous 3-month 100% no-risk refund policy that ensures you'll have plenty of time to make sure Iron Power Palm does you justice.

You can access Iron Power Palm right now for an investment of just $37.97. Hundreds have happily paid twice as much just to get a glimpse of what Iron Power Palm can do and they still accused us of underpricing it!

But as I told you we have a huuuuuge bunch of new techniques and modules coming up. We would be crazy to keep the price this low with all the value we're putting into it so Grab your copy now.

Consider the fact that a measly $37.97 is peanuts! The average martial arts student pays more than that in monthly club fees. But with our 3-month 100% refund guarantee you'll have plenty of time to see what a great course it is.

"Get Iron Power Palm NOW !!!"

REMEMBER - its not how many fights you have in your life - a single knife fight or incidence of rape could ruin your life for years.

And Iron Power Palm can help you defend yourself in MANY ways!

I think you agree that this is one of the best bargains going as far as Iron Palm training goes.

Where else could you find so much genuine Iron Palm information in a single training program at one time?

But here's something more important.

What you really need to consider is what you're getting for your money, because it's more than just a book.

Not only do you get at least 10 times your money back in hardcore value , but "what-to-do" advice alone just won't get the job done. (I mean, if it did, you'd already be an Iron Palm, right?) and let's face it:

"Practice Makes Perfect!"

Everyone knows that being able to hit hard is an essential skill. Without hard hands, your fighting will be weak and you wont win. In fact, without iron power palm, you'll suck.

Admittedly, there are dozens of kung fu schools available to the serious student, some take years (or more) just to get to the Iron Palm lessons. The problem is, they're downright BORING. Who wants to attend dozens of classes, then practice forms step by step, move by move, over and over again?

The plain truth is, there are dozens - if not hundreds - of different components that go into good fighting style. Well, by the time you get past 'number 25', you're bored out of your mind and it becomes difficult to continue your lessons.

And even if you've followed the entire training are you even going to remember half the techniques you learned when you need to use them in a fight?

But what if there was a better way?

What If You Become an Iron Palm Master First?

That way if the shit hits the fan:

"You will already be able to take the bad guy's out!"

....That's what Iron Power Palm does for you!

The Only Way For You To Know What This Remarkable

Course Can Do For You Is To Try It For Yourself!

It is so easy to grab your copy. You simply fill out the "Iron Power Palm" acceptance form and within minutes you'll be doing some of the best kick-butt training you'll experience... Guaranteed!

You get all of these invaluable methods and components of the art at a HUGE discount. (I strongly compel you to join up today before the price goes back to the $147 fee.) Click here to secure your discount now.

Now, if you're still skeptical, remember that...

Your Investment Is Backed By...


It's a no-brainer deal. We put all the risk on ourselves and you take a full 90 days test drive or get your money back if you're not satisfied.


"Get Iron Power Palm NOW !!!"


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